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So then, do we care about names?
It's nothing more than a perception
Anyway, I'm a 1994 eastern lady. Come with both heartbreak stories and silent laughters.


“BANDUNG TOURISM COMPETITION 2014” Marketing Plan Competition for Bandung Tourism.

12 APRIL 2014 - 10 MAY 2014. Don’t miss it!

Registration fee: ONLY
IDR 300.000/Team

With TOTAL PRIZE IDR 22 Million!

CP: Shafira (085659980350) & Ghanis (085624542995)

Check our website: www.bdgtourismcomp.feb.unpad.ac.id

Also,check our social media: @bdgtourismcomp

Be ready,marketeers!

"Why would I? Because I’m done holding on to something unreal."

So i should start worrying what if I don’t have personal limit on some things

Isn’t it too late to set boundaries and build walls?

Why so pretty tash? :-) I declare this pic as my fave dan bakal jadi dp wajib di tanggal 23 Maret setiap tahunnya. Excuse me being so gombal, but the stars will always shine for you dear. Oh how can I say this? Please stay by memories, don’t fade away.

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